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Transformation Activities

Transformation Innovation Programme Asia Pacific (TIP APAC)

TIP is an annual event organised by BIC APAC for Konica Minolta. Managers from different regional offices bring their expertise together to develop innovative projects with the potential for further incubation and acceleration in the company.

The Transformation Innovation Programme Asia Pacific (TIP APAC) is an annual training and accelerator programme. Hosted by Konica Minolta Business Innovation Center Asia Pacific (BIC APAC) for managers and staff in the region in 2020 and 2021, this programme has seen numerous exciting new projects.

In the latest rendition of the event in 2021, TIP APAC was hosted in collaboration with TIP EU. There was also massive support from the senior management, Digital Transformation (DX) team from Konica Minolta Business Solutions Asia (BSA), and the HR who coordinated efforts in sending representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam and India.

The sessions consisted of trainings from industry experts with years of experience in business innovation and design thinking, who further mentored the teams throughout the 7 to 8 months journey. The programme concluded with a pitch to a panel of judges at the Grand Finale.

We welcome future participants who wish to learn more about design thinking, innovation and creating new digital transformation projects in Konica Minolta in the next TIP!