Technological advancements are transforming the healthcare industry. A significant change in the healthcare industry’s approach to provide care is underway – placing the patient at the centre of care.

With the rapid increase of aging population, healthcare professional face many challenges to provide the best care for them with limited resources. We aim to introduce innovative solutions to increase productivity, reduce healthcare cost, as well as to promote a better quality of care within the healthcare environment and aged care facilities.

From providing a patient-centric care to improving clinical outcomes, our healthcare initiatives target to realise patient-focused care, which will improve patient satisfaction and engagement. By utilizing data from various sources within the healthcare ecosystem and seamless integration with our products, healthcare professionals are empowered to make personalised clinical decisions more effectively; enhancing productivity and clinical care.

In clinical area, we are currently focusing on wound care.In non-clinical area, we are focusing on innovative solutions that can improve elderly quality of life.


Introduction of WoundAide

Wound management has always been a challenging aspect in healthcare. WoundAide provides healthcare professionals the ability to continuously monitor wounds in a standardized manner increasing the efficiency of patient care.



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