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Autonomous Material Handling Solutions

Autonomous Material Handling Solutions

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Top Modules

Add on Top Modules


Power up your materials transportation processes with autonomous material handling solutions using Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), software, data and IoT technology.

Enable flexible scalability

Respond quickly to seasonal changes in demand with minimal disruptions to workflows and investments.

Drive greater productivity and maximise capacity

Automate highly manual and repetitive processes to increase efficiency, reduce human error and channel manpower resources towards higher-value tasks.

Enhance workplace safety

Ensure safer working environments by utilising robots to perform heavy-duty or dangerous logistical tasks.

Highly adaptable and intelligent workflows & software

Workflows can be reconfigured to match changing business needs easily without the need to code from scratch or change existing building infrastructure.

Inter-operability with IoT sensors, building infrastructures and enterprise IT solutions

Enable fully automated solution through Information Technology (IT) and OT (operational technology) harmonization.


Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) automate low-value transportation tasks, allowing employees to dedicate their time to more rewarding activities.
  • A series of robots with wide range of payload capabilities from 100kg to 1350kg are supported.

Add-on top modules for various material transfer needs

Add-on top modules are available to maximize the performance of your integrated solutions, based on customised needs.


Software & analytics to fully automate and Maximise AMR efficiency

Advanced workflow control software allows autonomous operation of robot fleets, while ensuring inter-operability with external IoT sensors, enterprise IT solutions.

Track and analyse data insights from your robot fleet easily.


Seamless Building accessibility for AMR

AMRs can navigate around the building easily through building infrastructure integration with automatic door and lift integration.

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We offer a suite of solutions to automate your logistical needs.



    Konica Minolta provides consultative expertise to ensure the suitability and seamless integration of technological solutions. We work hand in hand with customers to understand their business and operational requirements and recommend effective solutions.


    Our team follows industry best practices to test and integrate our technological solutions. We provide on-site deployment services to ensure your equipment is working well from the get-go.


    Run into any issues? Feel rest assured with our dedicated and experienced technical team which is here to identify and fix any errors arising from our solutions.


  • Automated Material Handling in Health Technology

    As one of the leading health technology company, our client is focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum. They aim to leverage on advanced technology and deep clinical and consumer insights to deliver integrated solution.

    Previously, our client worked with Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) guided by magnetic track on the floor. Overtime, these magnetic tracks wear off which causes the AGV to lose localisation and resulting in operation down time. Additional cost was incurred to conduct on-going maintenance of the magnetic tracks infrastructure. Our client was also looking in the direction of infrastructure-less solution, exploring ways in which Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) can be brought into this solution.

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  • Automated Material Handling in Order Fulfilment Business

    Established in 2002, NP Fulfilment is a provider of order fulfilment for international businesses, with hundreds of online retailers, direct sellers and e-commerce organisations using it to pick, pack and ship their orders. They provide a range of direct and traditional channel product fulfilment solutions. Offering ISO 9001 quality accredited systems – Inventory Management, Order Processing & Reporting allow them to be one of the Australia’s leading suppliers in the industry.

    With a rapid increase in online shopping, there is a need to look for ways to further speed up picking at the Sydney warehouse while giving their employees assurance that they are safe and can focus on the task at hand. NP Fulfilment guarantees that orders are picked, packed and ready to ship within two hours of receipt.

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Clients we have worked with in their innovation journey

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