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MiRHook is an add-on hooking module that allows Mobile Industrial Robot (MiR) AMRs to easily transport extended payloads.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Drive productivity with the use of MiRHook, an add-on module that instantly improves the performance and inter-operability of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

Reduced need for manpower

MiRHook functions autonomously and reduces the need for human intervention to pick up and tow carts in logistics and manufacturing centres.

Seamless integration with existing workflows

MiRHook allows AMRs to transport trolleys with heavy payloads easily without any disruption in workflows.


Greater extended payload

The hardware reliably allows the AMRs to transport up to 500kg.


Unlimited types of carts

MiRHook is designed to be easily integrated with the different models and types of MiR AMRs.


High speed operations

The integrated MiRs are able to perform efficiently at a speed of 4km/h, or 1.1m/s.

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We offer a suite of solutions to automate your logistical needs.



    Konica Minolta provides consultative expertise to ensure the suitability and seamless integration of technological solutions. We work hand in hand with customers to understand their business and operational requirements and recommend effective solutions.


    Our team follows industry best practices to test and integrate our technological solutions. We provide on-site deployment services to ensure your equipment is working well from the get-go.


    Run into any issues? Feel rest assured with our dedicated and experienced technical team which is here to identify and fix any errors arising from our solutions.

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Mobile Industrial Robots

Want to optimize your productivity, internal workflows and increase your competitiveness?

Bring your internal logistics up to speed with autonomous mobile robots that automate repetitive and injury-prone material transportation and work safely alongside your employees
to boost productivity.

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  • Automated Indoor Vehicle in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

    The client specializes in the manufacturing, design and servicing of aircraft engines and auxiliary parts. In this scenario, Konica Minolta (KM) worked closely with the customer’s maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) to address key challenges the client faced during the transport of trolleys. The MRO factory handles payloads that vary in both size and weight, hence to accommodate this, their facility is divided into various sub-units, each serving payloads of differing sizes.

    During normal factory operation, trolleys have to be transported between sub units and shipping area. At present this task is undertaken by technicians, disrupting their primary work and resulting in a loss of valuable man hours. The task itself is physically demanding as technicians are required to move trolleys that weigh up to 250 kg. This can have negative consequences on workers’ welfare and
    well-being. Additionally, the trolleys used vary in both size and weight, posing a significant challenge during the implementation of an AGV solution, as most AGVs would require trolleys that have a uniform size.

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