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sInfra Lift Accessibility

sInfra Lift Accessibility


sInfra enables autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to navigate multi-storey logistical hubs. Through the use of sensors and lift controller mechanisms, AMRs are able to navigate lifts intelligently and safely even with human workers nearby.

Autonomous lift accessibility

Autonomous lift call and exit that allows AMRs to intelligently navigate multiple floors on their own

Inter-operability with existing infrastructure

Full integration with existing building and lift infrastructure to ensure seamless inter-operability

Increased efficiency in workflows

AMRs’ autonomous navigational ability frees up manpower to focus on other higher-value tasks


Communicative lift accessibility module

The lift module communicates with sensors on the AMR fleet to govern lift operations and allow the robots to access different floors.


Intuitive web interface for monitoring

  • The sInfra portal is easily accessible through an intuitive web interface that displays lift statuses to operations technicians.

Intelligent Occupancy Monitoring System (OMS)

The system continuously checks for the occupancy status of an allocated area in the lift, using a lift camera and visual detection algorithm.

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We offer a suite of solutions to automate your logistical needs.



    Konica Minolta provides consultative expertise to ensure the suitability and seamless integration of technological solutions. We work hand in hand with customers to understand their business and operational requirements and recommend effective solutions.


    Our team follows industry best practices to test and integrate our technological solutions. We provide on-site deployment services to ensure your equipment is working well from the get-go.


    Run into any issues? Feel rest assured with our dedicated and experienced technical team which is here to identify and fix any errors arising from our solutions.


  • Automated Material Handling in Manufacturing Company

    Founded in 1940s, our client is a global leader in electronics components and solutions. Client develops innovative products, ideas and solutions that support new and emerging markets, continually drive product development and expand into new business domains, helping their customers achieve their optimum performance.

    At present, the workers have to manually push the trolley containing electronic components while sharing the lift with commuters because there is no designated cargo lift. This process results in the loss of valuable man hours. As buildings starts to rise vertically, client is exploring ways in which the robots are able to move between different levels. This results to a certain level of difficulty as requires complex AMR/AIV fleet integration with the building infrastructure such as lifts and automatic doors.

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Clients we have worked with in their innovation journey

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