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sLatch Latching Module

sLatch Latching Module


sLatch is a latching mechanism that allows autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to transport payloads easily through narrow aisles and corridors.

Maximise space and return on investment per square foot

Space is costly in logistics and manufacturing centres. By enabling easy navigation around tight corners and narrow aisles, sLatch maximises return on investment for the space used.

Easy to use

The design of sLatch is highly intuitive and there is little need for frequent maintenance.

Enhance seamless workflows and productivity

sLatch automatically engages, transports, and disengages with trolleys without requiring human intervention.


Flexible attachment

sLatch is designed to engage with trolleys without a docking station, and can be easily positioned or removed from the AMRs.


Allows for higher payloads

By leveraging on wheel-based trolleys, sLatch is easily able to carry payloads up to its full AMR capacity.


Certified quality and safety

sLatch is CE certified for Safety & EMC, Clean Room Certified, and all materials used are RoHS compliant.

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We offer a suite of solutions to automate your logistical needs.



    Konica Minolta provides consultative expertise to ensure the suitability and seamless integration of technological solutions. We work hand in hand with customers to understand their business and operational requirements and recommend effective solutions.


    Our team follows industry best practices to test and integrate our technological solutions. We provide on-site deployment services to ensure your equipment is working well from the get-go.


    Run into any issues? Feel rest assured with our dedicated and experienced technical team which is here to identify and fix any errors arising from our solutions.

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LM200 Latching Top Module

LM200 is a solution that allows MiR100 and MiR200 to transport payloads easily through narrow aisles and corridors

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  • Automated Indoor Vehicle in the Manufacturing Industry

    Established in 1970s, the client specializes in the manufacturing of electrical components, most notably the production of multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors. Its location in Singapore serves as the sales and production hub of the South East Asian region and consists of a large four-storey factory.

    Currently, the key challenge faced by the client involves the transport of trolleys from one location to another through the use of an automatic door. At present, the workers at the factory are responsible for the delivery of these trolleys, and their task requires them to deliver payloads reaching 120 kg in weight for a total of 10 km daily.

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  • Automated Material Handling in Aviation

    The Royal Australian Air Force’s 36 Squadron (RAAF 36 SQN) is a strategic transport squadron. It is located at RAAF Base Amberley, Queensland, and controlled by No. 86 Wing, which is part of Air Mobility Group. The unit headquarters comprises executive, administrative and operational components. The squadron operates eight Boeing C-17 Globemaster IIIs. The Boeing C-17 Globemaster III is a large millitary transport aircraft transporting troops and cargo throughout the world.

    RAAF 36 SQN was interested in exploring whether there are ways to simplify and automate the movements of aircrafts parts. Our proposal laid out the vision for automated delivery of parts and equipment, phasing it from the simplest part of the problem to the end-state complete vision.

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